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Sailor's Guild of Brugge

Sailor's Guild of Bruxelles

Salt Lick Castle Second castle on southern trade route along Great Desert, Acirema

Salty Sea Inn Plymouth, Acirema

Salty Towers Castle Castle on east end of Cetza Island, Acirema

Sam, Toucan, Esq. Proprietor, Timbuktu

San Francisco Castle Castle located on the west side of Eagle Cove, Eporue

Sand River River that flows west through Plymouth, Acirema

Sans River River from Hallowed Ridge Mountains into Sans-Holo River, Napaj

Sans-Holo River River formed from Sans and Holo Rivers in Napaj

Sataere, Temple of Bruxelles

Sayalamiah Mountains Mountains located north of Acirema bordering Elvin lands in Acirfa

Scardino's Bilkers Genova, Nekorb

Sedalia Castle Castle located on eastern end of Cairn Mountains, Eporue

Seneca One of League of Five Nations, located in and around Plymouth, Acirema

Sentinel Docks Bruxelles

Seth's Financiers Genova, Nekorb

Shandyrot Castle Queen's Palace, Bristol, Dnalgne

Shipwrights Guild Hall The guild hall, in the Port District, Frederick, Acirema

Shmi, Napaj Small fishing village

Shuh, Napaj Small mining village

Silent Soldier Mount Hill in Sweitz, Eporue

Silk Coat Inn, The Charleston, Acirema

Silures Barbarian tribe of Aissur

Silver Perl Inn, The Miami, Acirema

Singing Sword Sword of Arthur Pendragon, Proprietor

Sir Amick Inn, The Bristol, Dnalgne

Sir Chenreaskew Inn Quebec, Acirema

Sir Lee Inn, The Illandria, Acirfa

Sir Monn Inn, The Waubinaire, Acirfa

Sir Port Inn, The Whadjuk, Acirfa

Sir Tafooble Inn St. Augustine, Acirema

Sir Villain Inn, The Corcaigh, Dnaleri

Sir Vittude Inn, The Llylande, Acirfa

Skatoy, Eporue Small village

Skatoy, Village Bruxelles Map Site

Sloss River River running from western Cairn Mountains into Chuz Bay, Eporue

Smootz River River running from western Cairn Mountains into Chuz Bay, Eporue

Smorganboard, J.T. Proprietor, The Eatery

Sol, Quad City Alliance, Eporue Small village

South Gate Trier, Eporue

South Hills Hills south of Skatoy, Eporue

South Side Huts Taznia, Acirfa

Southern Heights Hills south of Marseilles, Mandibar, Eporue

Southern Highlands Dnalgne, Map Site

Southport Docks Bruxelles

Sperrin Mountains Hills in south-central Dnaleri

Spike Pseudo-dragon of Edward Flair, Flair's Nook

Spire Heights Hills along eastern side of Spire Region, Quad Alliance, Eporue

Spire Region Eastern region of Quad City Alliance

Sprawl of Genova Genova, Nekorb

Spree River River that runs south through Barcelona, Eporue

Squalitz River River running from eastern Cairn Mountains to Straits of Garum, Eporue

St. Augustine Castle Castle on south end of Gibatarer Island, Acirema

St. John's, Abbey of initiates wear blue robes, a rope belt and 6" silver cross

St. Mary's Watchtower Famous landmark outside the city of St. Mary's, Acirema

Steelsword, Oscar Proprietor, The Golden Goose

Stonecutter's Guild and Training School School and Guild for Stonecutters, St. Augustine, Acirema

Stonemason's Guild of Brugge

Straits of Ajlati Northern entry into the Bay of Rome, Eporue

Straits of Garum Body of water separating Eporue and Napaj

Straits of Gibatarer Body of water between Gibatarer and Acirfa

Straits of Indian Body of water between Gibatarer and Acirema

Straits of Vermouth Water south of Ansaig Sound, north of Centaurian Sea, Eporue

Straits of Vulcan Body of water on north end of Acirema

Sudri, Pylon of

Suir River River that flows from Antrim Mountains south into Kilkee, Dnaleri

Suno, Napaj Small fishing village

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