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The City of St. Augustine, Acirema

City of St. Augustine

The city of St. Augustine has a population of 77,000 inhabitants. It is one of the largest cities on Metaphaze. In addition, this city is the main center for a small island nation known as the Nation of Gibatarer. Pristine and separate from many of the mainland wars and other problems, St. Augustine is the most beautiful of the large cities.

The Wharf District

The wharf district of this city is functional and mediocre at best. The harbormaster simply sees to the docking and departure of those ships that would do trade with the city. There are nominal tariffs charged for the docking and departure of ships from this fine cities port, but other than doing a brisk business, most merchants find nothing spectacular about docking here in their travels.

St. Augustine: Economy

The economy of this island nation is such that it produces a good number of goods that allow those who live here to make a living at their respective trades. Some trades are better than others, but everyone takes pride in both their jobs as well as their city as reflected in the reputation of the city as a whole.

Its main exports are paint and rope.

Its main imports are folklore and stonecutters. Many novice stonecutters come to the city to study at the Stonecutters Guild and Training School, one of the finest in the land.

St. Augustine: The Races

St. Augustine is populated almost exclusively by humans. There is little to attract either dwarves or elves. Halflings tend to shy away from the rather humanistic approach to urban planning that is apparent throughout the city.

St. Augustine: Traveler's Inns

The Sir Tafooble Inn
Cherishing Inn
Victoria Garder's Hotel

Miscellaneous Businesses



The General Market of St. Augustine is interesting for the fine brick paving that extends from one corner of the marketplace to the other. Much of the trade conducted there is local and except for a few adventurous entrepreneurs with products in need throughout the island nation, few outsiders tend to interrupt the normal flow of market traffic.

Wick's Barrels, a coopier of some world renown is located in the city.

The Chatzka Factory is a religious item factory, noted for its wide variety of pilgrim goods. Much of this is exported to markets where pilgrims frequent those cities. A primary market is the pilgrim cities of Dnalgne.

Fontain Genitsgonate's School of Healing is a specialized school for female clerics interested in improving their healing abilities.


St. Augustine is a free city democracy. Elected officials administer the business of the city and island at large. The city mayor is known as the "prince of the city", a title he (or she) holds for 2 years before new elections are held again. There is neither prestige or honor associated with this bureaucratic position that is more work than politics.

Major Temples in

Kuan Yin
Four Dragon Kings
'One God'

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