Metaphaze, Index to the World (F)

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Fairy River River running from Mount Merlin to Burrows Hole Cove, Eporue

Falcon's Crest Inn New Market, Acirema

Far East Wagons Trading company

Far Flung Traders Trading company

Fat Pigglet Hotel, The Brugge, Eporue

Fethard, Dnaleri Small village

Fighter's Guild of Bristol Bristol, Dnalgne

Fighter's Guild of Brugge

Firesdal, Eporue Small village

Flair's Nook Boston, Acirema

Flair, Edward Proprietor, Flair's Nook

Flosse Bridge Reims

Fodder, Marvin Proprietor, Vagabone Acres

Folley's Frickasea Sydney, Ailiartsua

Folley, Philbert Proprietor, Folley's Frickasea

Fontain Genitsgonate's School of Healing Special school for female clerics, St. Augustine, Acirema

Fore, Hilden Proprietor, The Closet Inn

Fortress Erbas Ajnin Fortress on northwestern point of Napaj

Fortress of the Silent Sandle Ajnin Fortress in Kyoto Mountains, Napaj

Fortress Skcuhcmun Ajnin Fortress in Kyoto Mountains, Napaj

Fortress Srats Ajnin Fortress on southeastern edge of Hallowed Ridge Mountains, Napaj

Forum Trier

Foynea, Dnaleri Small village

Franchise, Chain Proprietor, Travelor's Inn

Frankincense and Muir Trading company

Fuzzy Lamb Inn, The Trier, Eporue

Fyresdal, Village Bruxelles Map Site

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