Metaphaze, Index to the World (W)

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Waite Island Dnalgne, Map Site

Waite, Village Dnalgne, Map Site

Ward of De-bugs Exterminator company, owned by Ortin Welks, Georgetown, Acirema

Was, Napaj Small fishing village

Water Gate Tower in Sweitz harbor that checks incoming ships, Eporue

Water Gate Trier, Eporue

Watkins, Mabel Proprietor, Salty Sea Inn

Wattling Duck Parlor Jamestown, Acirema

Wax Statue Hotel Jamestown, Acirema

Wee folk Nick-name of gnomish population of Dnaleri

Wei, Kingdom of Eastern side of Acirema

Weise, Mandibar, Eporue Small village

Weiss River River running from western Cairn Mountains into Eastern Cold Sea, Eporue

Welks, Ortin Owner of Ward of De-bugs, exterminator, Georgetown, Acirema

West Gate Gate on west side of Sweitz, Eporue

West Side Bungaloes New Market, Acirema

Westri, Pylon of

Wet Water Inn Wurnnjerri, Acirfa

Which Brooms Broommaker, Montreal, Acirema

Whirly, Wingston Proprietor, Southside Huts

Whiskered Wart Hog Tavern and Hotel Grimsby, Dnalgne

White, Max Proprietor, Dancing Shoe Inn

Wick River Dnalgne, Map Site

Wick's Barrels Cooper of St. Augustine, Acirema (barrelmaker)

Wicker Castle Castle on south end of Wika Highlands, Dnalgne

Wicklow Mountains Central Hills in Dnaleri

Wika Highlands Dnalgne, Map Site

William, Knight, the Bailiff Bristol, Dnalgne

Wind, Running Proprietor, The Big Teepee Inn

Windemere Cove Inn Quebec, Acirema

Winslow's Wharf and Lodgings St. Mary's, Acirema

Winslow, Evan Proprietor, Victoria Garden Hotel

Winslow, Helen Wife of Evan, Victoria Garden Hotel

Winslow, Hubert Brother of Evan, Victoria Garden Hotel

Winslow, Judith Mother of Evan and Hubert, Victoria Garden Hotel

Winston's Tower Wizard Tower in Plymouth, Acirema

Wizard's Guild of Brugge

Wizard's Guild of Glasgow Glasglow, Dnalgne

Wolfe, Mary Proprietor, The Fuzzy Lamb Inn

Wolfsbane, Damien Proprietor, Damien's Den

Wollensmanheim, Cathedral, Ipswich Cathedral that is home of the order of Kegrin Brevoits

Wrecktion, Sir Proprietor, The Inn Sir Wrecktion

Wright Canvas Inn Savanna, Acirema

Wright, Orbber Proprietor, Wright Canvas Inn

Wright, Willville Proprietor, Wright Canvas Inn

Wurtenmanstoe Cathedral Bristol, Dnalgne

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