Metaphaze, Index to the World (V)

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Vagabone Acres New Orleans, Acirema

Valley of Sighs Valley formed by Hampstead Heights on west and Ghoulian Heights on east, Mandiba

Var River River from Spire Heights into Hans River, Eporue

Venecia Militia Venezia, Nekorb

Venice Castle Castle located on southern end of Sperrin Mountains, Dnaleri

Veracruz, Eporue Small village

Veracruz, Village Bruxelles Map Site

Verde's Tower Wizard tower located in New Market, Acirema

Vesadre River River running from Cairn Mountains to Eagle Cove, Eporue

Vetrone, Mulligan Proprietor, Giovanni's Inn and Tavern

Vicar Wastes Dnalgne, Map Site

Vicar's Vestubles Harrencourt, Acirfa

Vicarious Vitals and Accomodations Baile Atha, Dnaleri

Vicartown, Village Dnalgne, Map Site

Victor's Magaretta Haven New Orleans, Acirema

Victoria Gardner's Hotel St. Augustine, Acirema

Vie River Dnalgne, Map Site

Viernus River River that flows from the northern jungles of Acirfa into Tecumseh Bay, Acirema

Vilamema's Hideout Charleston, Acirema

Vilamena Proprietor, Vilamena's Hideout

Vilanova, Village Bruxelles Map Site

Vilganov, Gilgamesh Proprietor, The Dour Princess Inn

Villanova, Eporue Small village

Villian, Gabriel Proprietor's Wife, The Sir Villian Inn

Villian, Sir Proprietor, The Sir Villian Inn

Vinnie's Red Hats Genova, Nekorb

Viscoin River River running from South Hills to Burrows Hole Cove, Eporue

Visk, Quad City Alliance, Eporue Small village

Vittude, Sir Proprietor, The Sir Vittude Inn

Vixen's Rooms Turrbal, Acirfa

Vixen, Viola Proprietor, Vixen's Rooms

Vlad's Pad Turrbal, Acirfa

Vlad, Frank Proprietor, Vlad's Pad

Vlor, Vincent Queen's Magistrate for Grimsby, Dnalgne

Volga River River running from southern Black Hills into Bosom Bay, Eporue

von Pankin, Ichabad Genova, Nekorb

Voss Tiger pet of Anastatia Besheeba, Besheeba's Sandy Nook

Vouse River Dnalgne, Map Site

Vouse River Swamp Dnalgne, Map Site

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