Metaphaze, Index to the World (A)

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Achmed, Ali Proprietor, Madascar Inn

Acirema, Continent

Acirema, Land Mass A description of the Continents

Acirfa, Continent

Acirfa, Land Mass A description of the Continents

Ailiartsua, Continent

Aissur, Continent

Aissur, Land Mass A description of the Continents

Ajnin of Napaj

Alberqueue Castle Castle on southern trade route along Great Desert, Acirema

Alberto's Venezia, Nekorb

Alberto's Venecia, Nekorb

Alet, Quad City Alliance, Eporue Small village

Alphonso's Market Inn Charleston, Acirema

Amon, XXIII, Ahk-ahad Richmond, Acirema

Ampho, Village Richmond, Acirema

An Uaimih, Dnaleri Small village

Anasazi Nation Collection of cities of Montreal, Quebec, Frederick and Georgetown, Acirema

Anasazi Tower Wizard's tower in Frederick, Acirema

Anchor Castle Castle located south of Ipswich, Dnalgne

Ansaig Sound Water south of Tire cove, north of Straits of Vermouth, Eporue

Ansone, Terry Proprietor, The Century Inn

Antrim Mountains Hills in northern Dnaleri

Apollo's Mount Hill in Sweitz, Eporue

Apollo, Temple of Trier, Eporue

Appletrewick, Village Dnalgne, Map Site

Archibald Proprietor, Troubador's Hall

Ardmore, Dnaleri Small village

Armstrong's Moontel Miami, Acirema

Armstrong, Neddy Proprietor, Armstrong's Moontel

Arros, Quad City Alliance, Eporue Small village

Arrowsmith, Cupidinio Proprietor, Cherishing Inn

Artifacers Guild of Bristol Bristol, Dnalgne

Asgard, Temple of Bruxelles

Athboy, Dnaleri Small village

Atrebates Barbarian tribe of Aissur

Austri, Pylon of

Avenches, Eporue Dwarven mining village administered by Quad City Alliance, Gaul Region

Awander Tower Wizard tower located in New Market, Acirema

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