Metaphaze, Index to the World (P)

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Padre of Lahr Knight of the Dragon, Dnalgne

Pagi, Eporue Dwarven mining village administered by Quad City Alliance, Gaul Region

Palace of Frederick Administrative center of Frederick, Acirema

Paladin Knights (also Bophont Genits)

Paladin Knights of Dnalgne

Parisi Barbarian tribe of Aissur

Pasadena Castle Castle on south end of Spire Region, Eporue

Pearl Harbor Castle Castle, west side of Straits of Vemouth, Eporue

Pendragon, Arthur Proprietor of the Holy Grail Inn, Bristol, Dnalgne

Perkins, Andy Proprietor, The Basket Case Inn

Phil, Phortly Proprietor, The Fat Pigglet Hotel

Phinx, Pholz Proprietor's Wife, East Side Hamlets

Phinx, Phylor Proprietor, East Side Hamlets

Picadilly, Village Bruxelles Map Site

Piccadilly, Eporue Small village

Pik, Napaj Small fishing village

Pious Princley Inn, The Sydney, Ailiartsua

Plaid Next Messenger service in Jamestown, Acirema

Plateau, The Genova, Nekorb

Pledge, Rank Paladin Knight rank in Dnalgne, not yet inducted into an order

Plymouth Castle Castle outside of Plymouth, Acirema

Pompeii, Quad City Alliance, Eporue Small village

Porcine, Pinkus Proprietor, The Whiskered Warthog Tavern and Hotel

Porkersville Castle Castle north of Grimsby, Dnalgne

Port Castle Castle on north end of Dnaglne

Port District Southern part of the city of Frederick, Acirema, surrounded by moat and protecti

Port Tower Reims

Portafeny, Dnaleri Small village

Post, Sir Proprietor, The Sir Post Inn

Pothis, Izak Proprietor, Dashing Prince Inn

Potsdame Castle Castle on island south of Weiss, Mandibar, Eporue

Pottingbush, Philbert Gardner/Wizard, Victoria Garden Hotel

Prince of the City Mayor of St. Augustine, Acirema

Pulman, Paul Concierge, Truemann Kapotent Inn

Puppet Ruler of Genova Genova, Nekorb

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