Map of NapajNapaj

Napaj, island kingdom off the east coast of Eporue. It is the recipient of the same warm balmy ocean winds that blanket Eporue with mild climates. The island is a virtual paradise of vegetation.

Two major hilly to mountainous regions dominate the northern and southern regions of the island nation. The northern mountains are simply known as the Hallowed Ridge Mountains. Extending from the western coastline almost all the way across the northern side of the island, these mountains leave little land for farming and other uses along the eastern side.

The southern side of the island is dominated by the Kyoto Mountains, a smaller, less intrusive set of hills.

Between the two major mountainous regions of the island is a rich, fertile farming region along the rivers Sans and Holo, which join together to form the Sans-Holo river.

South of the Kyoto Mountains, lies a group of small fishing villages. These villages are among the most productive fishing operations in Metaphaze. The waters south of Napaj are fed by mild ocean currents and produce immense populations of fish that are harvested by the adept fishermen of southern Napaj.

Fortresses of the Ajnin Warriors

Also located in various sites throughout the kingdom are fortresses devoted to the great Ajnin Warriors of Napaj. The southern-most, located just north of the fishing village of Suno, is Fortress Skcuhcmun. The second, is located just north of the dwarven village of Kyoto, and is called Fortress of the Silent Sandal. The third fortress is located at the southern tip of the Hallowed Ridge Mountains, and is called the Fortress Srats. The last fortress of the Ajnin Warriors is located on the northwest tip of the island and is known as Fortress Erbas.


Three temples of world renown are located on the continent of Napaj.

The southern temple, known as Temple of Ssenkrad is mostly in ruin. Few venture there, but those that do are tainted by evil and seem more corrupt upon their visitation to this place.

North of the central farming region, just on the southwestern edge of the Hallowed Ridge Mountains, lies the greatest Napaj temple, the Temple of the Sun. A wonderful place of solitude and peace, the Temple of the Sun draws many pilgrims the world over who come to learn the silent methods of meditation taught here by monks dedicated to their task.

The third temple, on the northeast side of the Hallowed Ridge Mountains, is the Temple of the Wind. It sits upon a high ridge located on the northern edge of the mountains, and affords a spectacular view of the mountains. It is rumored that not only is it a temple, but also a gateway to a wondrous hidden kingdom. Where this gate is located, none seem to know and those who would know are not telling.

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