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Ma Kettle's Inn Boston, Acirema

Maas River River running from Cairn Mountains to Tiree Cove at Villanova, Eporue

Macadamia, Eporue Dwarven mining village

Macadamia, Village Bruxelles Map Site

MacClerny, Dingus Proprietor, Hobo Wagon Inn

MacDoughal's Magistrate Meeting Hall

MacDoughal, Ean Bruxelles magistrate

MacMahoney, Ed Proprietor, The Dancing Princess

Madascar Inn St. Mary's, Acirema

Mae Mate of Rowdy Walter Arthur the dragon, silver dragon

Magatta, Victor Proprietor, Victor's Margaretta House

Magic River River running from Darby Heights to Burrows Hole Cove, Eporue

Magician's Sector Venezia, Nekorb

Magnolia, Millicent Proprietor, The Dancing Dragon

Malcolm, Matrix Proprietor, Baron of Falcon's Crest Castle

Manchester, Kid Proprietor, The Galloping Horse

Manchester, Village Dnalgne, Map Site

Margatta, Victor Proprietor, Victor's Margaretta Haven

Market of Frederick Marketplace in the city of Frederick, Acirema

Martin, Mad Proprietor, The Tired Tiger Saloon

Mary Victoria, Queen, of Rochester Bristol, Dnalgne

Mason's Guild of Grimsby A fine mason's guild, Grimsby, Dnalgne

Mayberry Castle Castle located at the north end of the Southern Highlands, Dnalgne

Maynoath, Dnaleri Small village

Memory Lane Inn Vigo, Nekorb

Merlin wizard guardian of Bruxelles

Meta, Napaj Small village

Meta-hold, Napaj Small village

Metalsmith's Guild of Brugge

Meuse Cove Cove formed by the river Meuse, Eporue

Meuse River River collecting from land north of Darby Heights, Eporue

Mews of Grimsby Renowned mews in Grimsby, Dnalgne

Miami Castle Castle on eastern end of Southern Heights, Mandibar, Eporue

Midigan Castle Castle located east of Bristol, Dnalgne

Mike, Mountain Proprietor, Green Mountain Inn

Minstel's Alley Bruxelles, Eporue

Minx, Mandibar, Eporue Small village

Mirre River River that flows from the south side of the Naitallippa Mountains into the Thebi

Misty River River that flows from Ghoulian Heights into Misty Swamp, Mandibar, Eporue

Misty Swamp Swamp formed by Misty River and others on north side of Mandibar, Eporue

Mohawk One of League of Five Nations, located western edge of Great Desert, Acirema

Moldy Mattress Marseilles, Eporue

Monk's Bunks Grimsby, Dnalgne

Monk's Bunks Marseilles, Eporue

Monk's Bunks Sydney, Ailiartsua

Monk's Bunks Vigo, Nekorb

Monn, Sir Proprietor, The Sir Monn Inn

Mont Frisco Castle Dnalgne, Map Site

Mont Frisco Castle, 3D Page

Monte Carlo Castle Castle located in Caha Mountains, Dnaleri

Montreal Castle Castle on west end of Southern Heights, Mandibar, Eporue

Moray Firth Cove east of Ulm, Eporue

Morgan Plains District Northern part of the city of Frederick, Acirema

Mount Merlin Large hill southeast of Bruxelles, Eporue

Mountable, Sir Proprietor, The Inn Sir Mountable

Mouse River River that flows south through St. Mary's city, Acirema

Mt. Joy Castle Castle between cities of Charleston and Frederick Acirema

Muenchen, Eporue Small village

Muenchen, Village Bruxelles Map Site

Mulhaven's Truck Stop Savanna, Acirema

Mulhaven, Marmaduke Proprietor, Mulhaven's Truck Stop

Munich Castle ruins Ruins of the castle Munich, Eporue

Music Minstrel Boston, Acirema

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