Metaphaze, Index to the World (H)

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H&P Beer Locally produced beer, Dancing Prince Inn

Haarison, Wuddy B. Chief Trader for Yaks Outfitters

Habitate Castle Castle located on north end of the Downs of Lahr, Dnalgne

Hackensack Castle Castle located north side of Wicklow Mountains, Dnaleri

Hades Hoards Genova, Nekorb

Hadrian Ancient ruler of the city of Plymouth, Acirema

Hadrian's Wall City wall begun by Hadrian, but never completed, Plymouth, Acirema

Hallowed Point Sacred place of worship, Plymouth, Acirema

Hallowed Ridge Mountains Hills on north end of Napaj

Hambergini, Houlio Chief wizard for Harlech Castle, Bristol, Dnalgne

Hampstead Heights Hills west of Goulian Heights, Mandibar, Eporue

Hampstead River River that flows from Hampstead Heights into Eastern Cold Sea, Mandibar, Eporue

Hampstead, Mandibar, Eporue Small village

Hampton Castle Castle located on west side of Chuz Bay, Eporue

Hans River River running from Spire Heights to Bay of Rome, Eporue

Harem, Alphonso Proprietor, Dashing Prince Inn

Harkenspeil, Maximillian Reims Portmaster

Harlech Castle Bristol, Dnalgne

Harlech Castle Southwest of Bristol, Dnalgne

Harlech Castle Dnalgne, Map Site

Harlech Castle, Details

Harlequin, Gustaff Vincent Proprietor, Uncle Gus's Hunting Lodge

Harlotsville Castle Castle located northern end of Sperrin Mountains, Dnaleri

Harper's Hall Ipswich, Dnalgne

Harper's Hall Bardic training school in Ipswich, Dnalgne

Hasenphuse, Harvey Proprietor, Zoolani's Night Inn

Haukenstauff, Mulaih Proprietor, Quivern's Quizzen-Artieria

Haukenstauff, Mulihai Proprietor, Quivern's Quizzen-arteria

Haunestauffer, Gif Harbormaster for Trier, Eporue

Hermitage Frederick, Acirema

Hermitage Castle Castle located south of Glasgow, Dnalgne

Hiccup, Wild Willy Proprietor, Dry Gulch Saloon

Hinderson, Ulgar Proprietor, Hermitage

Hippodrome Bruxelles

Hobo Wagon Inns Frederick, Acirema

Hofner, Heuy Proprietor, Claiboid Funny Club

Holingtale, Esmeranda Proprietor, Grizzley's Mark Inn

Holio, Jamiz Proprietor, Zoolani's Night Inn

Holo River River from Kyoto Mountains into Sans-Holo River, Napaj

Holtz River River running from Spire Heights into Bay of Rome, Eporue

Holtz River River on north side of Mandibar, Eporue

Holy Grail Inn Bristol, Dnalgne

Holy Grail Inn, The Bristol, Dnalgne

Holy Grail, Temple of the Bristol, Dnalgne

Hoppingdale Inn New Market, Acirema

Hostel Frenze, Nekorb

Hotel Fate Montreal, Acirema

Houen, Harold Queen's Representative in Ipswich, Dnalgne

Housen River River that flows from Sayalamih Mountains into the Thebian Sea, Acirema

Houston Castle Castle in Eporue, located southwest of Skatoy, Eporue

Hovengard, Hampstead 68 year old owner of Tattershall castle, Dnalgne

Howling Dixie's Vittles and Beds Plymouth, Acirema

Hunter, Shotgun Proprietor, The Waddling Duck

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