Map of Dnalgne

Dnalgne is a kingdom ruled by one queen. The queen Mary Victoria of Rochester.

The land is pleasant and sports a mild climate, although is prone to bursts of cold air that comes north along the western side of the island.

The land is split by two large hilly ridges, that partially aid in isolating this harsh contribution of climate. The Southern Highlands and the western Downs of Lahr form a unique valley known as Dragon Valley. The northern portion of the island is bracketed on its eastern side by the Wika Highlands.

North and east of Bristol, is a great swamp that forms part of the Vouse River basin. Like the Misty swamp in Mandibar, this dark place is seldom ventured through by goodly folk and roads take the wary traveler around rather than through it.

Knight Paladin's of Dnalgne

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