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The City of Reims, Eporue

City of Reims

The city of Reims is second in Eporue to Bruxelles in free trade. Unlike Bruxelles, it has no magic aura to stop the influx of cut-throats and other undesirables. Reims fields a minor military force to keep the peace. In addition, violators of the peace are dealt with swiftly.

The population of Reims is 7,800 inhabitants.

The Wharf District

The wharf district of Reims lines the south-east side of the western part of the city. It is a busy port that is protected by three fortresses that guard the entry channels to the port. Port Tower is a square wizard tower of elvin origins that stands about 200 feet tall. It is one of the oldest features of the city. Histories tell of it being used as a toll-booth by its ancient creator. Today it houses a complement of apprentice wizard's who's primary directive is the protection of the port traffic from attack and the maintenance of normal traffic. Entry to the port is typically heralded by a visit by one of these broom-riding gaudily dressed administrators.

Reims: Economy

Reims is a city who's economy is benefited by the close proximity to the city of Bruxelles. The two cities share almost equally in the trade generated by their open economies.

Its main exports are ships, cigars, cloth and wagons.

Its main imports are beer, cotton, grains, and magic.

Reims: The Races

Reims being situated close to the mountains of Eporue, the city also sports a hefty dwarven population who aid in the trade of the city. Like Bruxelles, the gnomish travelers from Dnaleri also came, traded, and settled.

Reims: Traveler's Inns

Miscellaneous Businesses

Artist Guild
Toy Shop


Reims is the crown center for the second of the two kings in office in Eporue. Maximillion Harkenspeil, crowned in 4990 DW, has not yet consolidated the boundaries of his kingdom. Pressure from the north has made it hard to keep control on the outlying areas and to date his emphasis has been on the administration of Reims and the nearby city of Brugge.

Major Temples in Reims

Overlooking the city is an abbey known as Abbey of St. John. Members of the abbey are sworn to a code of silence and conduct their business in town without speaking. They where robes of dark blue wool, belted with a rope from which hangs a six inch silver cross. The abbey is non-denominational and both sexes are allowed entry. Once they break their code of silence, they are ejected from the abbey.

Mi-lo Fo
"Dead Land Lord"

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