Metaphaze, Index to the World (L)

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Lahr, Downs of Dnalgne, Map Site

Land's End Castle Castle located on south end of Southern Heights, Dnalgne

Latshun, Sir Proprietor, The Inn Sir Latshun

le'Duquein, Grymwir Elvin bow maker, Richmond, Acirema

League of Five Nations Located on west side of Acirema

Lee, Sir Proprietor, The Sir Lee Inn

Lenthay, Quad City Alliance, Eporue Small village

Lesom River Trier, Eporue

Lesom River River running from southern Black Hills into Bosom Bay, Eporue

Little Hut Jamestown, Acirema

Little Orm the Goat Knight of the Dragon, Dnalgne

Liverpool, Village Dnalgne, Map Site

London, Village Dnalgne, Map Site

Londoncity Castle ruins Ruined Castle, west side of Straits of Vermouth, Eporue

Loughred, Dnaleri Small village

Lousel River River running from central Cairn Mountains into Bay of Rome, Eporue

Lucinda's Mehican Hangout Miami, Acirema

Lukemyre, Raymond Proprietor, The Lusty Wench

Lumpkin, Wally Knight of the Dragon, Dnalgne

Lusty Wench, The Trier, Eporue

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