Metaphaze, Index to the World (K)

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Kapotent, Truemann Proprietor, Truemann Kapotent Inn

Keben River River running from Cairn Mountains to Vesadre River, Eporue

Kebenharn Castle Castle on west road leading to western coast cities of the Quad Alliance

Kettle, "Pa" Proprietor's Husband, Ma Kettle's Inn

Kettle, Lady "Ma" Bernice Proprietor, Ma Kettle's Inn

Kilkee, Dnaleri Small village

Killala Bay Bay of water near Baile Atha Cliath, Dnaleri

Kimo, Esk Proprietor, North Side Igloos

Kimo, Illask Proprietor's Wife, North Side Igloos

Kirkstall Cathedral Abbey Abbey west of Mont Frisco Castle, Dnalgne

Knight, Rank Paladin Knight rank in Dnalgne, 20-80 hides of land

Knights of Dnalgne

Knights of the Dragon Greater details

Knights of the Dragon Bristol, Dnalgne

Konig, Drey Chief Trader for Frankincense and Muir

Kopernick's Heavenly Inn Schweitz, Eporue

Krak Chevaliers, Edinburgh Dnalgne, home of the Order of Kegrin Brevots

Kwas River River that flows west into Cove of Madre, Acirema

Kyoto Sacred city of the ruler of Napaj

Kyoto Mountains Hills on south end of Napaj

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