Metaphaze, Index to the World (N)

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Nabbi dwarven smith of Bruxelles

Naitalippa Mountains Mountains located in the center of Acirema

Naitpyge, Kingdom of Richmond, Acirema

Nastah River River that flows north to Boston, Acirema

Neferterri, Village Richmond, Acirema

Neiamia the Dragon Dragon Guard of the queen of Dnalgne, gold dragon

Nekorb Alliance Genova, Nekorb

Nekorb, Continent

Nekorb, Land Mass A description of the Continents

Nelson the Courtly Knight of the Dragon, Dnalgne

New Amsterdame River River running from Cairn Mountains to Maas River, Eporue

New Amsterdame, Eporue Dwarven mining village, gateway village Cairn Mountain pass

New Amsterdame, Village Bruxelles Map Site

New Bruxelles Docks Bruxelles

Newlondon Castle Castle east of Plymouth, Acirema

Nima' Hojun Caretaker of the Fortress of the Silent Sandel in Napaj.

Ninove, Eporue Small village

Ninove, Village Bruxelles Map Site

Nixon, Talon "Rugface" Proprietor, The Silk Coat Inn

Nodri, Pylon of

Nonesense Castle Castle in Eporue, located on Darby Heights

Nore River River that flows from Sperrin Mountains into Cificap Sea at Loughred village, Dn

North Gate Gate on north side of Sweitz, Eporue

North Gate Trier, Eporue

North Side Igloos Llylande, Acirfa

Northern Nights, School of Celestial Revelations Navigator school in Jamestown, Acirema

Notre Dame, University of Bruxelles

Notre Dame, University of, Map Map of the Wizard College and link to the library

Nymph, Judy "Mom" Proprietor, Wet Water Inn

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