Metaphaze, Index to the World (E)

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Eagle Cove Cove located southe of Veracruz, Eporue

Earl, Rank Paladin Knight rank in Dnalgne, 80-100 hides of land

East Point, Mandibar, Eporue Small village

East Side Hamlets New Orleans, Acirema

Eatery, The Brugge, Eporue

Edinburg Castle Castle on north end of Hampstead Heights, Mandibar, Eporue

Edinburg, Village Dnalgne, Map Site

Elemental, Harvey Proprietor, The Top Hat

Elemental, Harvey Proprietor, Top Hat

Elin River River that flows from Thebian Sea to Etor Sea, Acirema

Elin River Richmond, Acirema

Ennis River River that flows from Caha Mountains into Centaurian Sea, Dnaleri

Epona, Quad City Alliance, Eporue Small village

Eporue, Continent

Eporue, Land Mass A description of the Continents

Etor Sea Body of water east of Naitpyge, Acirema

Eureckah Revelations Trading company

Eurojoki, Eporue Small village on island in Burrows Hole Cove, Eporue

Eurojoki, Village Bruxelles Map Site

Evansville Castle Castle on south end of Black Hills, Eporue

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