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The City of St. Mary's, Acirema

The city of St. Mary's has a population of 8,800 inhabitants.

The Wharf District

St. Mary's: Economy

St. Mary's is presently in an architectural revival, and hires all capable architects it can find.

Its main exports are gems, sulfur, hats and armor.

Its main imports are bronze castings and wool.

St. Mary's: The Races

St. Mary's is one of the cities is evenly populated by all the races of the world. No one race appears to be more populous than any other.

St. Mary's: Traveler's Inns

Madascar Inn
Winslow's Wharf and Lodgings
The Cotton Ball Inn

Miscellaneous Businesses

Musical Instrument maker
Dairy goods

A famous landmark is St. Mary's Watchtower, just outside of the city.


St. Mary's is governed by the League of Five Nations.  It is one of five cities that are part of the League.  The other cities are Plymouth, Boston, Jamestown and Charleston.  The League controls not only the government of the major cities in the region, but also has a strong influence on the communities and region that encompase the area where the cities are located.

Major Temples in St. Mary's

Shang Ti
Tuatha De Danann
"Precious Twin"

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