Metaphaze, Index to the World (B)

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Ba Bay Bay south of Barcelona, Eporue

Baker's Guild of Brugge

Baltimore Castle Castle in Eporue, located east of Roquevaire

Baron, Rank highest Paladin Knight rank in Dnalgne, 1000+ hides of land

Barrington, Timeless, the General Bristol, Dnalgne

Barrow Abbey Abbey east of Cranston village, Dnalgne

Bascoreale, Quad City Alliance, Eporue Small village

Basket Case Savanna, Acirema

Batesville Castle Castle located on southeastern-most point of Acirema

Bath, Village Dnalgne, Map Site

Baxter's Bonanza Boston, Acirema

Baxter, Wilikers G. Proprietor, Baxter's Dude Ranch

Baxterville Castle Castle on western end of Cairn Mountains, Eporue

Bay of Rome Body of water north giving Quad City Alliance territory a "U" shape, Eporue

Bazilla, Gorgond Chief Trader for Ithylarch Mercantile

Beefells Meadows Dnalgne, Map Site

Beep Castle Castle located on Waite Island, Dnalgne

Belle Island Island on southeastern point of Mandibar, Eporue

Beloco, Dnaleri Small village

Belsolo, Rehaus Proprietor, West Side Bungaloes

Benalate Tel-clectick Trading company

Bernard, Taglia Proprietor, The Tinn Mann Oilery

Besheeba's Sandy Nook Hamruabbi, Acirfa

Besheeba, Anastatia Proprietor, Besheeba's Sandy Nook

Besnore, Ironskin Chief Trader for Benalate Tel-clectick

Bias River River that flows south and joins with River Onia, Acirema

Big Teepee, The Frederick, Acirema

Bittersweet, Eporue Small village

Bittersweet, Village Bruxelles Map Site

Bittersweet, Village Dnalgne, Map Site

Black Gate, The

Blackwater Castle Castle on northwestern point of Dnaleri

Blackwater River River that flows from Antrim Mountains to Blackwater village, Dnaleri

Blackwater, Dnaleri Small village

Blue Flag of safe passage Signal of honest safe ship on which to travel

Bluebeard, Winston Barkeep, The Tinn Mann Oilery

Bolgna Castle Ruin Ruined castle on island off of Castle Harbor, Dnaleri

Bolton Abbey Abbey located in Dragon Valley, Dnalgne

Boonie, Danskin Proprietor, Timber Tree Inn

Bophont Genits Knightly order of Dnalgne (also Paladin Knights)

Borg's Bluff Small hill in the city of Charleston, Acirema

Boris Caesar Napoleon

Boris's Barbarian Wall Wall built to keep barbarian hoards out of the Quad Alliance Territory, Eporue

Bosom Bay Body of water on western side of Eporue

Boston Castle Ruins Ruins of Boston Castle

Boyne River River that flows from Sperrin Mountains into Centaurian Sea at Ardmore village,

Bravado Inn Charleston, Acirema

Breman Castle Castle on south side of Bosom Bay, Eporue

Brian the Dwarf Knight of the Dragon, Dnalgne

Brie, Village Dnalgne, Map Site

Brigantes Barbarian tribe of Aissur

Bristol Cathedral Valley of Dragons, Dnalgne

Bromdinagian, Gunnar Proprietor, The Bravado Inn

Brookville Castle Castle just west of Charleston, Acirema

Brown Bear's Den, The Quebec, Acirema

Brugge Cathedral (also, Yggies Cathedral)

Bunstan, Paulinas Proprietor, Tall Tale Inn

Burger Hall of New Market City government building, New Market, Acirema

Burghermeister Hall

Buvois, Duke Merry 89 year old owner of Giggins castle, Dnalgne

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