Metaphaze, Index to the World (C)

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Caesar's Palace Castle compound in Sweitz, Eporue

Caha Mountains Hills in southern Dnaleri

Cairn mountain pass Pass through Cairn Mountains with endpoints in New Amsterdame and Avenches

Cairn Mountains Mountains that divide the Quad Alliance from the southern merchant cities, Eporu

Cairn River River running from central Cairn Mountains into Chuz Bay, Eporue

Callingsworth Castle Castle on west end of Naitallippa Mountains, Acirema

Cambridge Castle Castle on west end of Cetza Island, Acirema

Cambridge Castle Castle located on east side of Chuz Bay, Eporue

Candy Castle Castle located north of Bittersweet, Dnalgne

Cantiaci Barbarian tribe of Aissur

Cantiaci, Quad City Alliance, Eporue Small village

Casaphairs Knightly order of Grimsby, Dnalgne

Casino at Montreal Famous gambling establishment, Montreal, Acirema

Castle Docks Bristol, Dnalgne

Castle Docks, Brugge

Castle Harbor Body of water west of Castlebar village, Dnaleri

Castle Lahr Castle located on the south end of the Downs of Lahr, Dnalgne

Castlebar, Dnaleri Small village

Catevallauni Barbarian tribe of Aissur

Cathedral of Clouds Cathedral in Southern Heights, Mandibar, Eporue

Cayuga One of League of Five Nations, located in and around Boston, Acirema

Centaurian Inn Glasglow, Dnalgne

Centaurian Inn Glasgow, Dnalgne

Centaurian Sea Major Ocean/Sea of the world

Centenial Brewery Grimsby, Dnalgne

Centenial Brewery Grimsby, Dnalgne

Century Inn, The Glasgow, Dnalgne

Cetza, Kingdom of Island kingdom in northern Acirema

Chatzka Factory, The A religious item manufacturer, St. Augustine, Acirema

Chenreaskew, Sir Proprietor, The Sir Chenreaskew Inn

Cherishing Inn St. Augustine, Acirema

Chi, Napaj Small fishing village

Chilian, Mandibar, Eporue Small village

Cho, Napaj Small fishing village

Christians Cross Genova, Nekorb

Church of Lost Dreams Church in Valley of Sighs, Mandibar, Eporue

Chuz Bay Body of water between cities of Sweitz and Vigo, Eporue

Cificap Sea Major Ocean/Sea of the world

Circumnavigation of Metaphaze

City Docks Venezia, Nekorb

City Docks, Brugge

Claiboid Funny Club Schweitz, Eporue

Clamshell, Sandy Proprietor, The Silver Perl Inn

Clankstone, Lewiston Chief Trader for Far Flung Traders

Claxion Cabinets Furniture Maker in Miami, Acirema

Closet Inn, The Richmond, Acirema

Cold Sea Major Ocean/Sea of the world

Constantinople Castle Castle on north end of Gibatarer Island, Acirema

Coolee Hills Hills southwest of Reims, Eporue

Coolios Toy shop owner, Richmond, Acirema

Coolios Toy Shop Toy shop, maker of magical toys, Richmond, Acirema

Cornovii Barbarian tribe of Aissur

Cortitani Barbarian tribe of Aissur

Cos, Napaj Small fishing village

Cotton Ball Inn, The St. Mary's, Acirema

Cottonmouth Stuffers Felix and Morgan Cottonmouth, Taxidermists in Miami, Acirema

Cottonmouth, Felix Taxidermist in Miami, Acirema

Cottonmouth, Morgan Father of Felix Cottonmouth, Taxidermist in Miami, Acirema

Council of Merchants Venezia, Nekorb

Council of Nekorb Governing body of Nekorb

Count, Rank Paladin Knight rank in Dnalgne, 250-1000 hides of land

Cove of Madre Body of water west of Charleston and New Orleans, Acirema

Cranston, Village Dnalgne, Map Site

Cupetar, Zoesu, Statue of Ipswich, Dnalgne (also, Giant Statue of Ipswich, Altar Zienstau)

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