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The City of Ipswich, Dnalgne

Map of Ipswich

Largest city of Dnalgne, Ipswich owes its prosperity more to an early position in the mercantile industry of the continent than to current policies. Closest to the capital city of Bristol, the trade continues to benefit both cities.

Population of Ipswich is 56,700 inhabitants.

Ipswich is famous for a minor creation of ancient times. In its harbor, a giant statue rises from a small knob of an island. It is a great robed figure, a giant staff in his hand one foot in front of the other standing as if in the middle of a great stride. He stands on a stone platform of fine grey marble taken from the Down's of Lahr. The statue is green with age and appears to be copper or bronze and unaffected by age. On cloudy nights, the top of the staff glows a ruddy purple and guides ships into the safety of the harbor.

The priests of the land claim that it is the figure of the ancient cleric Zoesu Cupetar, while the mages of the land argue that it is actually the figure of Altar Zienstan, a local mage of great repute. The debate continues even today.

The Wharf District

Being a port, Ipswich once was a great port and the old docks show years of useful wear and subsequent years of neglect. A busy port, it sees nowhere near the level of activity that once visited the grand port.

Ipswich: Economy

Ipswich as a trading center is a productive center of trade. Its population is well versed in the news of the world, and trading is brisk and good because the center is not overrun with goods from outside. The people are not enormously rich, which tends to hold prices relatively even throughout the trading season.

Ipswich is a major manufacturer of metal products. Its blacksmiths are the some of the finest in Metaphaze. Many of its shops are research centers than production operations and output is low enough that it barely meets the needs of the city, leaving little to export in return.

Its main export is sulfur.

Its main imports are helmets, metals (especially iron), anvils, custom tools and fine bags.

Ipswich: The Races

Ipswich has a major population of humans with minor populations of dwarves, elves and halflings.

Ipswich: Traveler's Inns

Troubador's Hall - an inn and eating place of the finest entertainment in Metaphaze. It is loosely allied with the Harper's Hall, a renowned bardic training school.

Grand Yeoman's Osprey

Quivern's Quizzen-Artieria

The Dashing Prince

Miscellaneous Businesses



Harper's Hall is a renowned bardic training school. It is one of the sources of some of the best trained bards the world over.


Ipswich is governed by the queen (Mary Victoria) in Bristol. The chief magistrate who administers the queen's court in Ipswich is Harold Houen.

Major Temples in Ipswich


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