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The City of Plymouth, Acirema

City of Plymouth

The city of Plymouth has a population of 21,500 inhabitants. It lies on the western edge of the continent of Acirema. As a member of the League of Five Nations, it is the central city of that nation. Traffic from the League cities of Boston (from the north), Jamestown (to the south), St. Mary's (also to the south), and Charleston (to the southeast), converge on this fair city and provide both trade as well as news of the world in all directions.

Situated on the western edge of Acirema, Plymouth is subjected to brisk southerly winds that make it hard for ships to travel north from the city by way of the Centaurian Sea. Because the southerly route only gives ships access to two other ports before they must travel the long path to Miami, far across the Great Desert, many ships tend to find their way to Boston rather than Plymouth, sending goods across land rather than by sea.

The southern side of the city is partially walled by Hadrian's Wall. An incomplete attempt at walling in the city. Work on this structure came to a halt after citizens of the city protested the fencing in of the wide avenues and natural venues of the city. The massive gate and two towers are all that remain of this attempt.

The Wharf District

Fighting southerly winds, sailors and merchants alike, dock at the Plymouth wharf and will tend to spend some time negotiating their options prior to travelling out again from the port. Many would like goods that will take them south and across to the markets of Miami and New Market before they take on less profitable cargoes and fight their way back up the coast to slid across into the harbors below the Straits of Vulcan or further north to the markets of Dnalgne and Eporue.

The wharf is divided into two areas, a western side and an eastern side. Many captains find it desirable because of the ship-building yards located there. These shipyards are the source of many fine small ships that captains use around the world.

The western approach to the city is overlooked by the high tower known as Winston's Tower. This wizard's tower still glows with a golden light, guiding ships in from far out to sea on even the darkest of nights.

Plymouth: Economy

Its main exports are sulfur, wheels, small ships, and processed ore.

Its main imports are furs, ale, bricks, salted fish, and wheels.

Plymouth also requires more metalworkers.

Trade is brisk and can be profitable to the merchant who knows his way around the savage markets of Plymouth. The red-skinned merchants of Plymouth are fond of many things and will not consider a deal complete without the obligatory trip to the local tavern.

Plymouth: The Races

Plymouth is occupied by a ruddy-skinned and hearty race of humans. Different from most humans in the world, these people have a great sense of brother-hood with the land and the city layout reflects this sense.  Elven folk particularly like the way the human population takes care of the natural environment and many elven folk have chosen the city as their home.  The population is split 50% human, 50% elven with a smattering of the other races present in the city.

Plymouth: Traveler's Inns

Salty Sea Inn
Traveler's Inn
Howling Dixie's Vittles and Beds

Miscellaneous Businesses

Coin maker - Lexus Formugary, is a renowned maker of coinage. He charges a mere 5% to convert any type of precious metal to coins that can be accepted by merchants the world over.

Glass - Parisian Halos, is a fine glass maker, able to turn out exquisite pieces sought by kings and queens the world over.

The General Store - is the largest general merchandise market in the territories of the Five Nations. Anything traded in that region can be found on the shelves of this general merchandize market. It is owned by Texas Phil, a wild-eyed, grey-haired halfling with a propensity for riding wild stallions and ornery bulls.


Plymouth is part of the League of Five Nations. It's people are part of the tribe of Seneca's or "people of the high hill". They are allied loosely with the cities of Boston, Jamestown, St. Mary's and Charleston. The fifth nation is part of no city, but rules the Western edge of the Great Desert with impunity to any who venture into their territory.

The League meets four times a year on the great hill east of town making Plymouth the benefactor of such gatherings.

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