The World of METAPHAZE

The Metaphaze world is a small world about 2700 miles in circumference. Circumnavigation of the world in a ship would take approximately 8 months. This has never been done. Most of those who have tried have never been seen again due to a variety of dangers. Those dangers in Metaphaze's oceans are real dangers of the sort only a fantasy world can provide.

There is no mystique about whether the world is round or flat. It is common knowledge that the world is round. Maps and knowledge about where men and creatures live is readily available in libraries and sages around the world. So for the hearty adventurer, all that is needed is the sense to ask about the places you wish to go before you go there.


Magic is wild and powerful in this world. Almost all the cities sport towers built by powerful wizards, as an indication to the extent that magic plays in this world. The magic of Metaphaze is a deep magic, that is channeled and controlled by the wizards of the land. It's source is the world itself and elven history will attest to this fact.

For the player who likes magic and the adventure that comes with that magic, Metaphaze is the world to which they will flock. Beware the balance of power, the ancient ephitate of equality, like good vs. evil, power attracts power. The more power wielded in defense of good, the more power will be attracted to defend evil's position. While magic is powerful, the balance of power rules even over the power of the magic in the land.

The Land

Metaphaze has three major continents and a variety of other small land masses as well as islands in and around the continents and islands.

Nekorb is a complex set of islands and larger land masses. It sports an almost tropical climate and many of the islands have lush forest and abundant animal life. It is very much like the islands in the south-Pacific on Earth.

Nekorb also sports a larger land-mass. This is much like the earth continent of Austrailia. Dusty dry land is found to the south of land mass, with more temperate climates around the outer edges and northern regions of the land mass.

Eporue/Aissur is the northern continent land mass. It is the largest land mass on Metaphaze. It is naturally divided into two land masses that connect in the middle. The climate in Eporue and Aissur has the greatest fluctuation in temperatures and the closest semblance to seasons of any land mass.

Acirema/Acirfa is the third continent and land mass of Metaphaze. It is believed that the elven population of Metaphaze first developed in the ancient forests of Acirfa. On the other hand, great spirits are said to walk the lands of Acirema, ghosts on the land who deal harshly with those who would violate their domains.

The Oceans

The largest ocean is composed of an eastern half and a western half, called simply the COLD SEA. Great icebergs and cold northern winds are seafarers nightmares on these waters. Even far to the south, icebergs tend to hamper most shipping.

The three major continents surround a smaller sea called the Centaurian Sea. It is wide and deep but sports a milder climate than the Cold Sea. Shipping does not venture far out into this sea either, it is said that demons and strange creatures lurk there. Most ships that attempt the voyage are never seen again.

The smallest sea is the Cificap Sea, nestled between the two largest continents. Pleasantly warmed by the equatorial sun, these waters make life all around the sea quite pleasant. While life onshore around this sea may be quite nice, life on the water is not. The Cificap Sea sports the largest population of Sea Elves found anywhere in the Metaphaze world. A second population is know to hang out north of the continent of Nekorb and tend to make shipping dangerous between Nekorb and Eporue.


Seasoned and unseasoned travelers should know how to move from place to place in METAPHAZE! Check here for the details.


The Metaphaze calendar can be unique from the the perspective of the individual who is interested in tracking time.  The wide variety of calendars is discussed on the Calendar page.


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