Grimsby, Dnalgne

City of Grimsby
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Population: 31,000 Neutral City
 Click for color image 600x800Grimsby is the eastern portal to the land of Dnalgne.   Ships coming south passing to the east of Dnalgne may choose to stop at this small city or continue on to Bristol on the southern edge or to make the crossing to Acirema.

A wide boulevard runs east and west through the center of the city. It provides easy access for the caravans of the continent which are more plentiful than the ships attempting to enter the cities small harbor.   Traffic from the caravans is busiest on market days and during the harvest season as the farmers come in to sell their crops along with caravans looking to make a few quick deals on goods to carry with them to their next destination.

Click for Color 800x600 imageThe main feature of Grimsby that catches visitor's eyes is the massive tower on the western side of town. Measuring more than 400 feet in diameter, it is almost as tall. Divided into separate apartments, the tower supports many of the cities richer citizens. It is called the Taj Mahal.

The population of Grimsby is 31,000 inhabitants.

The Wharf District

Click for color 800x600 imageGrimsby's port is small and restricted. Shipping is restricted by access to the port and in many cases, captains bypass the port for other harbors.  The docking facilities are run on a first come first serve basis and slots that open up are at a premium during the fall (harvest) and spring time of the year. 

Grimsby: Economy

Grimsby as a trading center a mediocre center of trade. It has a small port and cannot support the number of ships to promote growth in its economy. What port space it has is always crowded and tough to enter at certain times of the month.  The caravans entering and leaving the city with goods rarely provide a prosperous  amount of trade but are sufficient enough to maintain the needs of the population living in the city and the farming community that works the land around the city.

Click for color 800x600 imageIts main exports are carts.

Its main imports are masks and sheep.

Grimsby: The Races

Grimsby is mainly populated by humans and shares it with an equal mix of halflings and dwarves. Elves are a minority in Grimsby.

Grimsby: Traveler's Inns

Monk's Bunks
Whiskered Warthog Tavern and Hotel
Centenial Brewery
Tinn Man Oilery - the knight's place for drinking

Miscellaneous Businesses

Click for color image 600x800Fairgrounds

Situated on the southwest corner of the city is a massive park area that is used as a fairground and market. It is unique because of the care to which the Grimsby gardener's give it.


The Mews of Grimsby are renowned the world over. Specializing in all sorts of hawks and the like, including those with exceptional abilities, the mews are a source of many good creatures for those who need such. A side benefit of the mews is in the training of apprentice caretakers. For clients with large mews of their own, these apprentices upon the completion of their service prove to be the best in the world.

Masons Guild

Grimsby sports a fine mason's guild.


Renowned for the fine gardens on the fairground/market area, Grimsby also is famous for its fine hot-houses that grow all manner of flowers and other plants.


The finest wigs in the world are made in Grimsby.


Click for color 800x600 imageGrimsby is governed by the queen (Mary Victoria) in Bristol. Her magistrate who administers the queens court in Grimsby on behalf of the queen is Vincent Vlor. The city has a large prison and garrison located off the main boulevard through the center of town. This garrison houses the soldiers who keep order throughout the city.



Major Temples in Grimsby


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