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The City of Miami, Acirema

City of Miami

The city of Miami has a population of 22,600 inhabitants. It is a unique city of white marble buildings and long north-south avenues. The wharf district is interesting for the way it parallels these north-south streets. Smaller east-west streets connect the north-south avenues and facilitate travel throughout the city.

The Wharf District

Miami has the second largest wharf district of any city in Metaphaze. Stretching along the eastern edge of the city, open to the sea, the docks parallel the luxurious north-south streets of the cities.

Miami: Economy

Miami is feed by the "Great Desert" trade routes that come in from the west and the large wharf district waiting to offload or take goods away to other markets. The Caravan Plains to the west of the city are constantly full of arriving or departing caravans. In support of this great bustling of traders, local farmers and merchants ply their trades, supplying, feeding and providing needed services to them all.

Its main exports are bronze castings, barges, and tea.

Its main imports are paint, sugar, clay, and large vessels.

Miami also requires more metalworkers to support its bronze casting industry.

Miami: The Races

Miami is one of the cities populated by a half elven population and the other half mostly a mixture of human, halfling, and dwarven population. The city also has an indigenous population of gypsies who are renowned for their entertainment abilities.

: Traveler's Inns

Lucinda's Mehican Hangout

The Silver Perl Inn

Armstrong's Moontel

Miscellaneous Businesses

Claxion Cabinets a fine furniture maker has their shops in the city.

Darwinian Weavers a manufacturer of fine cloth and other woven products.

Felix Cottonmouth, a famous stuffer and Taxidermist. His family business has passed the craft from father to son, Felix learning the craft from his father Peter Cottonmouth known as the "cotton mouth stuffers".


Miami is governed by magistrate by the name of Tweeken Mixtry.

The city is part of the Kingdom of Wei and shares autonomous rule with it's southern counterpart, New Market. The cities depend on mutual agreements of protection and share equally in protecting the trade routes so vital to both cities existence.

Major Temples in

Shang Ti
'Feather Snake'

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