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The City of Richmond, Acirema

Map of Richmond

View from the southRichmond is the capital city of the kingdom known as the Naitpyge (pronounced Nit-pie). It sits north of the great Acirema desert and is situated on the southeastern-most tip of the Thebian Sea. Running through the city and east to the ocean is the great river Elin.

The Elin River DocksSituated on the northeastern edge of the Great Desert, Richmond is occasionally assaulted by dry winds and sand off of the desert mixing in with the soils of the land and man-made structures, attempting to cover them all.

Spring floods caused by the melting of snow from both the Naitalippa and Sayalamih Mountains, push the runoff of the Thebian Sea into the Elin River to flood levels. Further downstream the overflow cleanses and revitalizes the land making it a very productive farming region.

The city of Richmond has a population of 8,300 inhabitants.

The kingdom of Naitpyge has several smaller towns throughout its area of control. They are Thebes (pop. 800), Neferterri (pop. 850), Ra (pop. 200), Quinta' (pop. 300), Quinto' (pop. 150), Quante' (pop. 400), Dangnon (pop. 750), and Ampho (pop. 600).

It is at Ra, on the river Elin, where spring floods crest, and the entire river crashes into a great gorge. This place is an ancient and sacred point on the river called simply The Gates of Ra.

Elin River BridgeView from Thebian Sea East

The Wharf District

The wharf district of Richmond is unique as wharf's go. It is constructed entirely from great stones placed end to end. The stone is cut in the mountains north of the city and dragged or floated the distance between the two. The stone most prized by the inhabitants is a bright white-grey stone that when smoothed and polished glows magnificently.

Imperial Docks from WestCity Docks on the Elin riverThe Richmond Imperial Docks, located directly on the Thebian sea side, are wider and administered by the agents of the city's ruler. Controlled by these agents, it is more expensive for traders, but has none of the hazards associated with the more lax city dockyards.

The Richmond City Docks are located along the banks of the Elin river. They are smaller, crowded and dangerous. During the spring floods, they become almost impossible to use, forcing many traders to use the more expensive imperial docks.

Richmond: Economy

Richmond is a major manufacturer of rope. It has a voracious appetite for raw hemp which is used to spin into the rope that the city is famous for.

Its main exports are pigs, gloves, compasses and rope.

Its main imports are hemp, lead, pottery, thread and furs.

Richmond: The Races

Richmond is populated by humans. As the capital and seat of power for the kingdom, it has a very metropolitan feel to both its people as well as the architecture.

The northern towns are inhabited by predominantly dwarven miners.

Richmond: Traveler's Inns

Ziggurate's Stone Inn
The Closet Inn
Tut's Tomb

Miscellaneous Businesses

CooliosToy Shop is a purveyor of magical toys of exceptional quality. As a wizard of some abilities, Coolios was feebleminded by a dark and evil foe. Upon his restoration, his addled mind remained child-like in its endeavors, but the brilliance of magic he once welded was there for the molding, creating a unique and wonderful business endeavor.

Home to Grymwir le'Duquein, an elvin Bowyer by trade, this small shop tucked into a back street of the city is hard to find, but well worth the effort. If the customer can afford the price of the hand-made, exquisite bows turned out by this craftsman, they are well worth the investment. Customers of Grymwir's will tell you that the bows made in this shop are so fine they feel and act as if they have a life of their own.

Bolin Dinkster, a fine tatooer, plies his trade from a small stinky alley shop. Entering his shop, the customer will sense the magic swirling about wild in the air, along with a foul mix of herbs Bolin sticks in his pipes and burns as tobacco. His tattoos are impressive works of art that when complete seem to take on a magic aura that makes them unique.


Richmond, as the capital of the kingdom, is ruled by Ahk-ahad Amon XXIII. One in a great line of rulers extending back in time to the first humans (almost 500 years ago). Ahk (pronounced awk) is a necromancer of phenomenal ability. He has just recently ascended the throne and is busy assimilating his kingdom.

Major Temples in Richmond

Temple Isis from WestIsis Gate, North side of RichmondOne of the major temples in Richmond is the Temple of Isis. This god permeates much of the religious fever throughout the city, such that one of the major monuments erected in the history of the city is the fabulous Gates of Isis that great visitors entering the city from the north. Sculpted by dwarven stone-cutters, its relief's contain pictograms of the entire history of that religion through the date of its construction. Bast


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