Summary of Military Powers
Legions of North Eporue

Eporue sports the most organized of any military forces in Metaphaze. These men, part of the Quad City Alliance, form legions which administer the territories governed by Boris Caesar Napoleon of Barcellona.

Ajnin Soldiers of Napaj

Napaj is the source of the terrible Ajnin fighters. Trained as assassins, the Ajnin are adept fighters and the source of awe amongst their peers. Often thought to be the ghosts of night, these fearless soldiers are sought after by many in high positions as personal bodyguards. This kind of protection does not come cheap.

Dark Knights of Marseilles

One city in Eporue sports evil soldiers. The city of Marseilles has a major contingent of soldiers who keep the island organized and under control. These dark knights are both despised and feared by the local population. They practice ruthless acts with impunity all in the name of their leader.

Secret Elvin Warriors of Acirfa

Acirfa, the elven capital of the world, does not have any army as such, but the armed elven factions who live there work so well as a combined force that they have little problem with any military campaigns that might arise in their domain.

Barbarians of Aissur

Aissur is home to a fighting force composed of barbaric components. The most disorganized of any fighting army in the world of Metaphaze, these fighters are also the most feared. They attack in such masses that their sheer combined force is more than any organized force can withstand. Within the ranks of barbarians, there are delineation's as well. Tribal boundaries with tribal rules and laws that must be adhered to within the tribe. It is these subtle differences in groups that keeps the entire hoard of barbarians from becoming a combined force that the world might not be able to deal with.

Knight Paladins of Dnalgne

The knights of Dnalgne as a combined force are to be reconed with. Their strong feudal bonds bring their fighting power together at a moments notice in response to danger to them each as individuals, or as a country. There is also a strong religious fervor which permeates the knighthood class in this country. Paladins throughout the world most likely originated from this small country and are on quests for purposes known only to themselves and their gods.

An elite group of these paladin knights belong to the queen's messengers.   These knights wear purple tabards with a gold dragon rampant, clutching an unbroken spear. It is rumored that their steeds run across water like it were dry land.

Other orders are described on this page.

Aquanauts of Nekorb

Nekorb has the most refined of navy forces anywhere in the world. Sailing almost from birth, the inhabitants of the continent known as Nekorb know the sea and fight well on it to survive.

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