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The City of New Market, Acirema

City of New Market

The city of New Market has a population of 16,200 inhabitants. It is an important city for trade to and from the Ailiartsua Island nations. Coming in from the north, is the Northern Passage trade route from Miami and other points west. Important from the south side of the Great Desert is the southern trade road, also from points west.

Both trade routes from the west converge on the city and combine into the Trade Route Entry road that comes into the city from the northeast. It dumps the many caravans into the Trade Market and from there, several city streets take them on to the Great City Market that gives the city its name.

The Wharf District

The wharf district of New Market is one of the largest in Metaphaze. As the biggest wharf district, it also is the busiest. Most of the traffic finds its way to the Great City Market in the early morning, and by end of day, most of that traffic is either enroute for the wharves and the waiting ships there, or inland to the Trade Market and the caravan camps beyond.

The wharf district is flanked on its southern edge by two wizard towers. No longer inhabited by wizards, they are used by guardians of the city's great wharf district. The western one is known as Verde' Tower, while the eastern one is known as Awander Tower. Verde' Tower glows a violet-purple at night, remnants of the ancient magic wrought there once. Awander tower does not glow any colors at all, but instead will tend to pulse along its entire height a dull red. The duration of the pulse is not more than 30 seconds, but the pulses can be up to 15 minutes apart. Because of these two towers, ships coming in from the sea are always able to find their way, even at night.

New Market: Economy

New Market is a major manufacturer of fine glassware. Hauled in from the west, the Great Desert sand is melted in the furnaces of New Market to produce some of the finest glassware in Metaphaze.

Its main export is kitchen tools.

Its main imports are buckles and archery equipment.

New Market: The Races

New Market is inhabited by almost exclusively humans. Trading with the Anasazi Empire and the League of Five Nations to the west and the Islands of Ailiartsua to the east, the majority of the population tends to be a mix of the human races found in those areas, uniquely blended together in this great market city.

New Market: Traveler's Inns

Falcon's Crest Inn
Hoppingdale Inn
West Side Hamlets

Miscellaneous Businesses

The Great City Market, located in the center of town is a great place to meet and observe the city population of New Market. The city grew up around this market and takes its name from the fame associated with it.

Also of note is the Trade Market, northeast of the Great City Market. This smaller but more crowded of the two is the entry portal for caravan traffic along both the Northern Passage Trade Route and the Southern Routes of the desert trails.


New Market is one of the two great cities in the Kingdom of Wei. The other being the northern city of Miami. The two cities are mutually governed by independent entities. The two cities share care and protection of the great trade routes from the west that keep them alive with trade.

New Market is governed by a long line of Burghermeisters. Inherited from family member to family member, the title has passed down through 20 generations. The current Burghermeister administers the city from Burger Hall, located just north of the great fountain in the Great City Market.

Major Temples in New Market


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