The Continents of METAPHAZE

The following is the descriptions of the continents of Metaphaze. To see a map of each of these continents, click on the title next to each section. These are detailed maps that include the city names and their approximate location. Some sections will contain further detail on each of the areas in these continents. Explore and enjoy.
Nekorb Nekorb is the western most continent of the world. It is bordered on the west by the Cold Sea, and on the east by the Centaurian Sea. Its most unique features are the large set of islands that compose its northeastern quarter.

Northern parts of the land masses feature large expanses of tropical forests, while the larger southern land mass tends towards a more Austrailian type of land. Mountains in the center tend to be more Application rolling types than high rocky crags.

Nekorb sports the largest confederation of cities anywhere on the world under one ruler. This is partially due to the continent's partial isolation from the rest of the world by water and other barriers. Trade is brisk in the Nekorb city of Venizia located on one of the continents northern-most islands.

Eporue /

Aissur /


The continent of Eporue and Aissur is the largest continent on Metaphaze. Its main feature is a wide open expanse of plains and deserts on the Aissur continent. Northern winds and cold are kept out by a large jagged range of mountains that run across the northern parts of the continent. It is a barbaric land mass and the lack of civilized cities is confirmation of this fact. This does not mean that the wide open expanses are void of life.

The Eporue part is feed by brisk warm breezes off the Cificap sea and it is one of the more beautiful places to live in the world. The cities of Eporue provide the most stable base of operations for any exploration of Metaphaze. Central to the two other major continents, travelers can map out and venture into any and all the exciting places available to them on Metaphaze.

On its eastern side, is the small island of Napaj, home of a variety of unique artisans.

Dnaleri Southeast of Eporue is the island of Dnaleri. Dnaleri is one of the reasons why the warm balmy airs of the Cificap Sea reach all the way to the Eporue continent. Blocking the warm breezes from venturing out into the Centaurian Sea, they are instead gently buffeted northward and land on Eporue.

Warmed themselves, the lands of Dnaleri are pleasant and well populated. Gnomish farmers and the like can be found in abundance across this place. A gnomish king rules over all and seems to know all that goes on in his kingdom.

Dnalgne Even farther south-east is the larger island of Dnalgne. Once a long time ago, both Dnaleri and Dnalgne were part of the same kingdom. Today, they are two separate kingdoms. The island of Dnalgne is splattered with small villages and immense fiefdoms. Per captita, it produces immense amounts of food and foodstuffs. The island is particularly suited for vineyards and great orchards.
Acirema /


The continent of Acirema and Acirfa, like that of Eporue/Aissur is split into two distinct parts.

Acirfa, the northeastern part is dense jungle, feed by the balmy Cificap ocean breezes and wet air. The jungle is home to numerous races of elves and elvin kind. The cities of Acirfa are the oldest in the world and most unique. They are a mix of old elven standards and the newer influences of dwarven and human occupation. Where elves wish to retreat to their primeval lifestyles, villages can be found in the deep jungle to satisfy their needs. These villages are typically off-limits to all but those of the elven race and next to impossible to find except by one of that race.

The southwestern part, under Acirema is a great open plain. Skirted by most travelers, it is said to have a central desert through which no one has ever passed. Most of the traffic, passing along the coast to the south or to the north. Ghost stories and great beasts are but two of the terrors spoken about that keep the weak of heart from adventuring too far inland.

Ailiartsua Trailing off to the southeast of the southeast corner of Acirema is a string of islands all grouped together into the Ailiartsua confederation. The inhabitants of these islands are loners, and wary of outsiders. Trade is slow and tenuous at best. Nekorb is far to the east and the cold sea is very cold between there and Ailiartsua.

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