Brugge, Eporue

City of Brugge
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Population: 17,500 Neutral City

The city of Brugge is a major trading center of Eporue. As a free economy, it has traffic from all over the world in and out of the city.

The port side of the city is protected by an armada of small swift ships manned by wizard acolytes from the University of Notre Dame in nearby Bruxelles. Serving as fire-power against marauding ships and potential pirates, these small ships deter any potential piracy in the waters near Brugge via the simple threat of fire. Most pirates are content enough to ply their craft outside the waters claimed by the small ships of Brugge.

The swift ships anchor at the Royal Hippogriff Flying School located within the walls of the ancient port fortress. In addition to ships, units of flying patrols can also be seen in and around the city. The hippogriff squads are not restricted to the water like the ships, but also claim most of the land area around the city as being under their protection.

Around the rest of the city is a great wall constructed to keep attackers out of the city. The city has expanded to fill the area inside the walls and its population stretches the available land left with demand.








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