Charleston, Acirema

Map of Charleston
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Population: 4,300 Neutral City
 The city of Charleston is the smallest city on Metaphaze, with a population of 4,300 inhabitants. As the smallest city, it might be prudent to say at this point that there are plenty of villages and towns smaller than Charleston that can be found throughout the landscape. Mostly farming communities, these small population centers rarely have populations over 500 people. As the smallest city, it is also growing as its prosperity attracts new inhabitants.

Charleston is interesting for its fine big houses and long straight tree-lined avenues. Life is different in this small city, with a higher per capita income for most of its merchants than any other local in the world.

The Wharf District

The Wharf district is one of the busiest centers. Efficient design has large wagon caravans pulling through a one way loading zone that keeps such traffic isolated to public areas of the city and out of the more affluent neighborhoods.

Charleston: Economy

Charleston as a trading center is high on the earnings ladder. Much of the material shipped through Charleston, tends to be handled by middlemen merchants of Charleston. The goods and handling of those goods makes rich men faster than either the manufacturing end or the sales end of the merchandise path.

Its main exports are harnesses and kegs.

Its main imports are beer, steel, and fine porcelain.

Charleston: The Races

Charleston is one of the cities that has a large human population. Some halflings, dwarves and elves in equal proportions can be found throughout the city.

Charleston: Traveler's Inns

Yesir's Ale House, serving some of the finest ales in Metaphaze.
Alphonso's Market Inn
Bravado Inn
Vilamema's Hideout
The Silk Coat Inn

Miscellaneous Businesses

Livestock - One of the most prosperous commodities traded in Charleston is livestock. Driven in from the surrounding plains, the stockyards of Charleston are a busy place during the fall season.

Novelties - Clem Zerkes runs one of the finest novelty shops in town.

Brothel - Hidden in the dockyards is the Sugartime Brothel. Most sailors who frequent the port of Charleston know of this place whether they have been there personally or not.

Lighthouse - The city of Charleston has a hill overlooking the dockyards. Atop the hill sits a large lighthouse. Specifically built as a lighthouse, it is sometimes mistaken for a wizard's tower. The only magic in the tower and other structures is that of the magic light in the top of the tower that sends its beam of light out into the sea.


Charleston is governed by the League of Five Nations.  It is one of five cities that are part of the League.  The other cities are Plymouth, St. Mary's, Jamestown and Boston.  The League controls not only the government of the major cities in the region, but also has a strong influence on the communities and region that encompass the area where the cities are located.

Major Temples in Charleston


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