Georgetown, Acirema

City of Georgetown
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Population: 7,700 Neutral City

The Wharf District

Georgetown: Economy

Georgetown as a trading center is of minor consequence. Local traffic mixes with traders travelling north to elvin territories and other traffic going south to the Five Leagues Nation cities or the Great Desert trade routes.

Its main exports are perfumes, magical potions, belts, and furniture. In addition, Georgetown is a major source for trained architects. The guild accepts applications from throughout Metaphaze for candidates interested in learning this fine craft.

Its main imports are clay, soap and fine bags.

Georgetown: The Races

Georgetown is one of the cities that due to its proximity to the Naitalippa mountains, has an indigenous population that is half dwarven and half human. Some elves have taken up residence in the city, but most favor the proximity of the northern jungles of their origin and tend to come briefly south before they pack up and return north again.

Georgetown: Traveler's Inns

The Inn Sir Mountable
The Twinkling Star Inn
Green Mountain Inn

Miscellaneous Businesses

The Georgetown Prepared Stockyards a great set of pens is a great source of sheep, cows, horses and camels for caravans intent on braving the deep jungles of Acirfa to the north, or for the desert crossings to the south.

Ward of De-Bugs, an exterminating company, owned by Ortin Welks, specializing in the extermination of a wide variety of nuisance pests. Ortin is famous for his use of specialized swat teams of adventurers intent on providing services of the kind his company specializes in for one-of-a-kind customers.


Georgetown is part of the Anasazi Empire. It along with New Orleans, Montreal, Savanna and Frederick are the central kingdom of Acirema and lay claim to the Naitilippa Mountain range and its wide variety of resources.

Major Temples in Georgetown


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