Map of Eporue

Main Continent

The continent of Eporue is divided into three distinct kingdoms, or areas that are ruled by different factions and in many cases, entirely different philosophies.

South-Eastern Eporue, a collection of city-states, the most powerful in all of Metaphaze.

Northern Eporue, members of the Quad City Alliance, supported and protected by the most powerful armies in the world of Metaphaze.

Western Eporue, the small kingdom of Mandibar and home of the dreaded Dark Knights.

Around Eporue

Located on the eastern side of Eporue is the Kingdom of Napaj.

Southeast of Eporue is located the island of Dnaleri and further southeast of Dnaleri is the island kingdom of Dnalgne.

Northeast of Eporue is the great empty continent of Aissur, the barbarian center of the world.

South-Eastern Eporue Northern Eporue Mandibar
Napaj Dnaleri Dnalgne

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