Higher Education

Higher Education 

Started, November 1995

Knight's Fury

Knight's Fury 

Started April, 1996

Check out our two adventuring parties... 

What good is a world if you can't kill people or at least give them a chance to get themselves killed. The world of Metaphaze has two PBM's that run in it's boundaries. Both games have been running for some time now.

Make sure you check out the PBM guidelines and then email the DM at the address below if you are interested in playing. If there is an opening, you may receive an invite to join one of the parties.  If there are no openings, a mailing list is maintained and you may receive an invite at a later time. 

PBM Guidelines

"Elvin Mystic"

Started Sep 98

AS OF January, 2002   Knight's Fury is recruiting.  This game will resume!

If you would like, the PBM Guidelines for the METAPHAZE game can be read by following the link.

Cemetery The Cemetery  As much as we hate killing characters, it does happen... read about their demise in the cemetery. 

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