"Higher Education"

INTRODUCING the first party of Metaphaze ...

Ferrous Ironfist

Player: Josh Heitzman (Was there from the start!)

Ferrous Ironfist, son of Gilak, Commander of Arms of the stronghold of Dvorak and Bolip head priestess of the clan Stonecrusher. Outfitted in black plate, the dwarf looks like a small pot-bellied stove.

Melissa Fairhands

Player: Samuel Johnson

Melissa Fairhands, from the city of Richmond is a sensuous and gracious-looking woman. She is very poised and carries herself with an inner strength learned from her mother. She is a cleric of the goddess Isis.

Karnus the Conjurer

Player: Kyle Kohlhaas

Karnus to the newly acquainted, appears to be a brooding, dark figure. He is direct and to the point in his conversations. Alone with his traveling companions, he tends to open up more.

Born in a minor noble house far to the south, he quickly succumbed to his traveling spirit.


Player: Alan Roireau

Talon Boru

Player: Kevin Orme

Talon Boru, of Barcelona, Eporue.

He worships the god Varuna (god of order and protector of oaths).

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