"Knight's Fury"

INTRODUCING the second party of Metaphaze ...

Pierce Defoe

Player: Bruce Schabinger

First son of Marshall Defoe, Count of Mont Frisco Castle, and Amber Lynn (Abernothy) Defoe. His father controls 250 hides of land for the queen and maintains the road from Cranston to Tincturn Abbey. He has 12 knights in tenant. All of which will perhaps one day be left to Pierce.

Pierce is one of three children the Defoe's have. He has an 18 year old sister, Genevive, and a 14 year old brother Lance.

Pierce is presently squired in the home of his uncle Charell Defoe, outside of Bristol, Dnalgne. He will presently be invested into the order of Bophonic Genits, a knightly order of Dnalgne. He is a paladin of upstanding reputation and has great potential in the coming months.

Suzanne d'Anjou

Player: Diane Schabinger

Susanne, Cleric to the order of Tyr, is a fine young woman, who may seem aloof and cold when first introduced. She can be bold when the need arises, but takes an observe and study tactic before acting in situations that arise. The eldest child of Etienne D'Anjou and Isabeau D'Anjou, she has two twin brothers, Jean and Luc, both 19.

Both of Susanne's parents died while she was young. Her mother during childbirth, and her father perished in the flames of the local school when brigands set fire to the school. He successfully rescued 12 children before he succumbed. She wears his holy symbol of Tyr around her neck today.

Taking their religion seriously, the d'Anjou's are a pious family and Susanne has learned her devotions well. When in residence at her aunts in Bristol, she has but a short walk to the temple to perform her devotions.

Elindel "Stargazer"

Player: Allan Milligan

The son of Aldaron, Elindel is a high elf in the most pure sense. His home destroyed by giants, he has sworn to rid the world of these vile creatures. Apprenticed to the great Luswandrien, ranger of world fame, he and Halondriel have come to Dnalgne to hone their skills and gather information for their master.

El is a worshipper of the god Solonor Thelandira, the elven god of Archery and Hunting.

His great elven cooshee, and elven hound, is ever by his side. Called Da'gaen, the hound is is faithful companion.

El is slenderly built, with very pale skin and tends to dress in greens and browns.


Player: Ed Grey

Half-elf mage. NONE YET.

Thorin of the Blades

Player: Art Hart

Human Fighter NONE YET.

Kethrys Antese

Player: Scott A. Human

High-elf Fighter. NONE YET.

Thaddeus O'Kana

Player: Randy Rittammer

Human Mage. NONE YET.


Player: Charles Spaugh

Human fighter/bard NONE YET.

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