"Memorial Gardens"

In Memory of those who have fallen...

Pip (familiar to Karnus)

The first to claim death in the adventures of Metaphaze was the small pixy named Pip. His demise came about as the party ventured throughout the basements of the once great tower of Jafar Carsen, an evil mage killed many years before. In his basement, a great door, like a safe, stood beckoning to come in... in they went and then a second wooden door opened revealing a corridor.

In went the party and lo' beyond, far down the corridor, they spotted a group of something coming towards them. Seeking to obtain the best possible advantage over their opponents, they struck first, a wizard in the group, slashing out with a lightening bolt... 10 feet wide, 40 feet long, targeted to catch the other oncoming mob in the middle.

Unbeknownst to them all, what they were looking at was a mirror image, contorted with magic to echo their own voices back as if being spoken in some strange tongue and to mask their identities in that of an obscure looking enemy. In this guise, the target of the lightening bolt, was not an enemy, but the party itself.

Sizzled and burned by their own magic, the party staggered back regrouping, finding the pitiful broken body of poor Pip blasted into the corner behind the great metal door. They wrapped his body and returning him to Karnus his master, removed him from that place and they laid him to rest out under a tree, saying prayers over his body that he may find peace in his new world.

K'el Serafin

Player: Steve Barton

Serafin grew up in a small village in Acirfa. For many years, his village was resistant to trade with the outside cities. Serafin being intrigued by the new humanoids was one of the first to venture out to meet his neighbors.

Adventuring with the "Higher Education" party, his demise came about because of the mistake of another party member. Pursuing the kidnappers of a small boy, Ruddy Ques, his party ventured into the demesne of Control Aex, a minion/cohort of the nasty Nikodemus Carsen.

In the course of cleaning out the uglies from the small keep Control Aex called home, they came into the highest level of the keep, and encountered a party of orcs watching the bosses "TV", a giant orb with images playing upon it's surface. In the heat of battle, the other wizard in the party released a 40' long, 10' wide lightening bolt into a room merely 30 feet by 20 feet. Sheering off the edge of the "TV", the device overloaded, failed its saving throw and blew up, killing poor Serafin and severely damaging his other party members. That wasn't the least of it. The floor collapsed underneath them, further damaging the other party members still there, just finishing off a number of margoyles, and it also succeeded in opening up the roof of the keep with a mighty blast... probably due to the connection of the "TV" to its antennae, which was mounted on the roof.

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