NOTE: (As of Jan 1, 2002)!

Knight's Fury is restarting.  If you wish to be considered for a position in this game, see below. 

METAPHAZE has three unique PBMs. To find out more about them, email

The DM, aka

a letter of introduction, include such things as your demographic data (sex, age, real name, etc), your hobbies, your experience. If there is an opening, you will be contacted and may find yourself wandering through Metaphaze. If no current openings exist, you can have yourself added to the waiting list for when an opening does come up.  Your letter of introduction is very important.  Think of it as a resume showing how you "role-play" your introduction as a player.

The PBM Rules

This game will use AD&D(TM) version 1 or version 2 (no version 3 please) rules throughout. If it is documented in the books, you need only reference your source. If you can't reference a source, it either doesn't exist, or the DM may exercise his discretion in the matter.

This game will be email based. This assumes that responses can be turned around in a reasonable amount of time. Each player will be responsible for their own actions and lack of action on their part will hopefully not impact others while the game is being played.

IF a player is accepted for the game, the email invite will include a player sheet to be used to send in your character to the DM. Upon receipt of this email and sheet, players should create a fully detailed character and email it to the DM (see above). Characters will have 40,000 EPs to start and must be fully detailed as outlined in the AD&D V2 Player Handbook(TM). Include all proficiencies, languages and equipment.

All players are allowed to roll up their characters entirely. However, any characters with more than three attributes over 12 will NOT be accepted. (Some exceptions exists for this, and players must email the DM prior to submitting a character in violation of this rule). This is for two reasons, 1) given the authorized methods for rolling up characters, it is next to impossible to obtain a character with all high scores, 2) characters with low scores are naturally prone to fatal flaws, which make the characters more playable and interesting for all. If you have to have a super character, you won't like playing in this game. This point is not negotiable.

Submission of a character sheet should be as an include in an email, or attachment.   Format should be text.

Emphasis in this game will be on ROLE-PLAYING, and not HACK and SLASH. While there will be combat, it is and will not be considered as a high playing necessity. It is hoped that most combat can be resolved within one or two emails of its inception.

In addition, you may assume 2500gp worth of magical items for each level your character is at (above 1st). I.e. 2nd level you get 5000gp, 3rd you get 7500gp, 4th 10000gp and 5th 12500gp, etc.

Die-rolling, where necessary will be done by the DM. This is important since you must accept the fates thrown and be assured that the DM will roll fairly and unbiased in anyone's favor. Remember, it is role-playing that you are being 'graded' on and not how much hack and slash you get into. For some people, avoiding combat may give them more experience than actually wading in.

Knowledge is power in this game. You cannot operate in a vacuum. Your party will die quickly if they do not "discover" the lay of the land and make appropriate actions to gain the knowledge necessary to survive. All emails to the DM will be assumed to be your actions and cannot be revoked once sent. If you send multiple actions between the response of the DM, all will be taken into consideration when the party update is sent.

Players who fail to respond to emails over a two week period without notifying the DM before-hand will be removed from the game and a new player will be allowed to join. If the old player decides they want back into the game, they will have to be placed on the waiting list and will be allowed back in when a slot opens up.  If for any reason a player must take a leave of absence from the game or wishes to withdraw from the game, an email to the DM should be sent requesting this.

All emails should reference the Round Number they are in response to. This is the round number on the DM's status message. Typically, simply hitting the RESPONSE button on your email program will append the necessary "RE" to the front of the email topic. Leave this this way as it makes the DM's job simpler to organize his mail-box by these responses.

All communication related to character actions in the game must be passed through the DM. DO NOT copy any other players on any game related correspondence that includes character actions, except conversation. Conversation in the PBM games can take place on an interactive level. This means if a character sends conversation at 9am, and you respond by 9:30am, neither of you need to wait for the next update to send responses to each other. So if the party needs to discuss something, you can do that between the move updates. Use this time, it will speed up the game for you and the other players.

Play your alignment correctly. Deviations from your characters proper alignment will be dealt with in an appropriate fashion according to the rules. You have been warned.

All players wishing to play in Metaphaze must have a valid, accurate profile on AOL's Member Directory OR provide the following information: Real Name, age, state of residence and hobbies and interests.  This can be sent in a prospective player's introduction letter.

Any email with actions of your character, feel free to include THAC and any bonus's or other things that the DM should be aware of for your character. Things will slip through the cracks, and sometimes this is unavoidable.

IF at any time, you have questions about game mechanics, or you didn't understand a description or other game related item, please email the DM immediately and ask for a clarification.

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