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The City of Whadjuk, Aliartsua

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The city of Whadjuk has a population of 89,300 inhabitants. It is the second largest city on Metaphaze. It is located almost due south of Genova (the largest city in Metaphaze).  It is the only city on the smallest of the Ailiartsua island chain. 

The city is dominated by the large castle "Dugeon" located on a small promintory overlooking the main harbor and center of the city.

The Wharf District

The wharf district of the city is a large and busy center of activity.   Dwarven miner brigades are often the center of a frenzied set of trading as merchants vie for the more precious metals and resources they bring to market.  When all of the more popular resources have been purchased in a frenzie of activity, the market settles back down to its normal hubub around the normal goods traded here.

Ships entering the cities harbor are forced to pass close to the Dugeon because of a large sandy island on the northeast side of the harbor.

Whadjuk: Economy

Whadjuk as a trading center is a highly competitve, sometimes frenzied market and when frenzied, sparks sharp prices in goods.  There are times when this market is extremely quiet and prices are more normal.

Its main exports are bells, buckles, dresses, parchment and drugs.

Its main imports are baskets and leather.

Whadjuk: The Races

Whadjuk has a large human population with a mix of dwarven merchants who run the mining and natural resources of the region.  Elven wizards like Whadjuk for its distance from the rest of the world's cities.  A large contingent of these experts can be found in a conclave near the Dugeon castle.

Whadjuk: Traveler's Inns

The Sir Port Inn

Miscellaneous Businesses

There is a large city grainery in the wharf district of the city.

One of the most famous Astrologers calls Whadjuk his home.  Geom Harradspur is a renowned astrologer and runs a school in the city.

Talbot Ruthefort, is the Apothecary in town.  His small shop is near the elven wizard enclave.

The requirements of the sailors and dwarven miners in the region have sparked a large contingent of tailor's to join together in forming the Tailor's Guild located in the wharf district of the city.  The tailors in the city are all members of this guild.  They provide sails for the ships and dungarees for the dwarven miners.

Where there are dwarves, there is typically a large Stonemason's Guild.  Whadjuk is no different in this respect and has a large well supported guild.


Whadjuk is governed by

Major Temples in Whadjuk

Yu Huang-ti
"Forest Lord"
"Precious Twin"

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