The History of METAPHAZE

The Human calendar begins 495 years ago.

Gnome/Dwarven calendar supercedes all but the Elven calendar. It begins 4,995 years ago.

The elven calendar is the oldest calendar. It begins 11,795 years ago.

11795 El, 117Q3.80, 4995 Dw, 495 HR. Current date. TODAY.
The original calendar was in developed in Paradox utilizing some custome REXX code to generate the random events.  All the random events were given details to develop the initial calendar.  Over the years, the Paradox database has been converted to Approach and additional events and details added to all the events.  It is currently a database of over 1,000 individual events covering the spectrum of events found in any history book.  

Eventually, events in the calendar database will be published to this site... stay tuned.


Follow this link to see more details about the calendar.

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