The Cities of METAPHAZE

The following table gives all the major cities in the world. These are cities with populations greater than 2,000. Many other smaller settlements and towns exist across the landscape.

Selecting the continent name will take you to a page of thumbnails of the cities on that continent. Not all cities currently have layout maps. These will be apparent by the missing thumbnails. As they are added, they will be reflected in a reload of that page.

For simplicity, travel times as shown on the various maps are represented as "By Horse". Measuring between cities and converting this to a "By Horse" figure where that route does not cross any mountains, is a good figure for the amount of time required to travel between those points. Where that route crosses water boundaries, you should plan on measuring a route from the nearest city you cross on the coast to the path to your destination. Your time in travel will be increased by an appropriate wait in a coastal city awaiting passage on a suitable ship.
Bruxelles, Brugge, Reims, Marseille, Trier, Barcelona,
Vigo, Schweiz
Venicia, Roma, Napoli, Frenze, Palermo, Valletta,
Messina, San Giovanni, Foggie, Guspini, Villacidro, Cagliari,
Olbia, Verona, Padova, Torino, Genova (50K), Placenza,
Udine, Trieste, Ferrara,
Aissur Peking 
Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagisaki,
Baile Atha Cli, Corcaigh
Bristol, Ipswich, Glasgow, Grimsby
Sydney, Wurunjerri, Turrbal, Workia, Whadjuk
Plymouth, Boston, Jamestown, St. Mary's, Charleston, New Orleans,
Montreal, Quebec, St. Augustine, Frederick, Georgetown, Richmond,
Savanna, Miami, New Market
Taznia, Hamruabbi, Harrencourt, Llylande, Illandria, Waubinaire

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