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The City of San Giovanni, Nekorb

One of the dark cities of Metaphaze, San Giovanni gains it's title from the proficient slave trade that occurs in and around the city. Known as a base for pirate operations, it has not yet been deemed a serious enough threat by the neighboring cities to be cleaned up. Part of the problem being that none of the neighboring cities can, by itself, muster enough forces to go in and properly eliminate the threat.

The population of San Giovanni is 8,500 individuals.

The Wharf District

The wharf district of San Giovanni is the largest and most chaotic of any port in Metaphaze. Where Roma and Venizia have canals as roads through the cities, the wharves of San Giovanni are a complex mix of piers, pilings and wooden structures. The part of the city that stands on ground is surrounded by a stone wall pierced by gates.

San Giovanni: Economy

San Giovanni as a trading center is a major hideout for pirates who prey on unsuspecting merchant vessels traveling between ports in the Nekorb islands.

Its main exports are slaves.

Its main imports are farm tools, glass, bronze, medical procedures, barrels and parchment.

San Giovanni: The Races

San Giovanni's population is a mix of all the races of Metaphaze.

San Giovanni: Traveler's Inns

Miscellaneous Businesses



San Giovanni is governed by its pirate captains enmass. Each bowing to the one above him who wields the most fire-power and cunning. Frequent skirmishes are fought outside the city limits between these warring factions. Strict rules govern fighting within the city so as to not give any one group the advantage over any other. This is due in part to the fact that in order to ply their craft, they would not be able to protect their holdings in port while out raiding at sea. The city itself sports a minor elected mayor and other officials who administer to the non-pirate population of the city. As long as they do not interfere with the pirate factions, they are left to themselves.

Major Temples in San Giovanni

Ch'ih Sung-tzu

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