Metaphaze Holidays/Festivals/Feasts

With any culture as diverse as that of the Metaphaze world, there are a wide variety of Holidays and Festivals that are held throughout the world.  This page lists those that are typically large enough for most travelers to know about.

NEW YEARS, celebrated on January 1st.  While a fairly obvious celebration, it may not be celebrated the same in any two places as a well-seasoned traveler will find out.

SPRING Planting, celebrated when appropriate for the region.   This celebration is centered around farmer's efforts to get crops planted and started.  It is started when most crops have been planted and work slows after being very busy.

FALL Harvest, celebrated when the crops have been harvested.   Typically a feast of celebration.

Moon Holidays, with two moons, some of the most important celebrations are associated with the Moons and their various conditions.

Religious Holidays, all religions have innumerable holidays, celebrations and festivals that are associated with them throughout the year.  In addition, depending on the religion, there are other instances where the religion requires or promotes a festival or celebration of some sort.


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