Metaphaze, A Comparison to Earth and Related Bodies


Statistic Earth Moon Metaphaze
Equatorial Radius 3,960 miles 1,079 miles 1,988 miles
Equatorial Circumference 25,326 miles   12,500 miles
Land area 56,700,000 sq miles n/a 720,000 sq miles
Oceans 70% n/a 94.2%
Distance from Sun 1.49 x 10 8th km   1.13x10 8th km
Degree of Radius approx 150 miles   34.72 miles
Crust Depth 9.3 miles   4.5 miles
Mantle Depth 1,800 miles   980 miles
Core Radius 2,150 miles   1,100 miles
Moons 1   2
Approximate Age 4,600,000,000 4,600,000,000 3,200,000,000

The continental square mileage of the Metaphaze world is 720,000 square miles.   

The United States has a combined square mileage of 3,615,122.  Metaphaze's land area represents less than 19 % of that square mileage.

The land area of Metaphaze represents approximately 453 million acres of land.

Lowest point on the planet of Metaphaze is located in the valley of Hatared on the continent of Acirfa.  It is a crevace carved by enormous forces that places it 678 feet below sea level.

The highest point in Metaphaze is the mountains in the northern part of Aissur.  A stark peak thrust out of the top of an ancient volcano soars to a height of 32,642 feet above sea level.


Relative Sizes:

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