Hammurabi, Acirfa

City of Hamruabbi
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Population: 6,000 Neutral City

The Wharf District

Hammurabi: Economy

Hammurabi as a trading center is

Its main exports are skiffs and galleys, as well as porcelain and medical procedures (Hammurabi is one of the centers for medical research on Metaphaze).

Its main imports are ore, steel, tunics and flax.

Hammurabi: The Races

Hammurabi is one of the cities

Hammurabi: Traveler's Inns

Besheeba's Sandy Nook
The Dour Princess

Miscellaneous Businesses



Hammurabi is governed by

Major Temples in Hammurabi

Geb Oneiros Eris Dionysus Astraea Durga Ushas Amida Tsukuyomi-no-kami 'Jade Skirt' Frey

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