Yesir's Ale House


Serving the finest ale's in all of Metaphaze, Yesir's Ale House caters to a wide variety of customer. It's plain wooden exterior hides much about the interior from the casual visitor. Entering the inn, the fine craftsmanship of the building can be admired. The hall part of the ale house is built of massive beams of ironwood. Its soaring three story roof is a marvel of engineering. Two floors of rooms extend upwards above the ground floor common room and tavern. Total number of rooms to rent in the inn number 35.

In the same block as the fine ale house, is the ale house's factory. Brewed and aged locally, the inn has a fine reputation well in hand with its supply so close by.


The owner/operator is Jimmy D. Zoppowitz. A blond-haired, young man, he inherited the businesses from his father. A smart lad, he has done well taking over in his father's place. Having been the owner now for about 4 years, he being 22 now, Jimmy has gotten well in the swing of things.

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