Beneath the sea around Metaphaze are several kingdoms that aid or hinder trade and travel between the continents. Ocean Kingdoms
Nekorbian Sea Elves In and around the waters of the Northern Nekorb live a large kingdom of sea elves who are closely allied with the land based elven kingdom there.  Trade and travel are allowed and aided by this alliance.

The Sea Elf kingdom is ruled by a beautiful sea elf queen.

Vulcan Island Sanguin  The ocean between Dnalgne and the cities of Acirema can be somewhat dangerous due to the large kingdom of Sanguin that live in the waters west of the Vulcan Islands.

This kingdom is ruled by an old sanguin king, lax in his activities but capable of powerful responses to any attack or provocation.

Cificap Sea Elves North of the Vulcan Island kingdom of Sanguine is a second underwater kingdom of sea elves.
Nemo Island Sea Elves Protectors of the islands of Nemo, this underwater kingdom of sea elves prohibits any travel between the world and the islands of Nemo.

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