Nekorb is composed of a large collection of separate islands and continental expanses that are difficult to manage under one government.  Because of their proximity to each other a consensus has developed in the way that these regions interact with each other. Nekorb

Nekorb has long been dominated by the Council of Nekorb. Composed of representatives of each major city, the council meets at least once a year in the city designated as next on their roster. All the cities are included in this arrangement and with the large number of members, this cycle runs for many years.

Because of the monetary benefit of hosting the council, no city wishes its place usurped or missed so all the cities are very vigilant at keeping the council in check and ensuring their own prosperity.

Outside of the Council of Nekorb, each city or area has its own power base and customs.   While the Council regulates the requirements of each member city in the Council, it is not directly responsible for the local government that each City State administers.

Northern Nekorb The northern jungle portions of Nekorb are loosely organized under an elven kingdom's banner.  Each City State recognizing the benefits of the Council of Nekorb participate actively and freely in that relationship with the blessing and support of the kingdom's king.
Central Nekorb  
Southern/Western Nekorb  

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