Napaj is situated off the eastern coast of Eporue.  This land is home to some of the most ancient of human origins on Metaphaze.  Napaj

Napaj is a small beautiful country.  Its people are fanatical about their privacy and property.  

Napaj is ruled by an ancient emperor. It is said he is nearly 1000 years old and the written history of his kingdom reflects his ancient ties to the fabric of his land.   The people of this kingdom are devoted to their leader and follow his edicts with a fervor that borders on religious fanatism.  There is a set of advisors to the emperor who are said to be almost as old as the emperor himself.   Audiences of the emperor to all but the most renowned are denied on a regular basis.  The daily administration of the government is left to family and able administrators.

The kingdom of Napaj trains a fearless set of fighters, renowned for their abilities in defense and as protectors to important dignitaries.

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