Eporue is the center of intellectual development in Metaphaze. It is dominated by architecturally beautiful cities. It is a kingdom divided internally by years of strife over independence and submission. Eporue  
Quad City Alliance The Quad City Alliance is a descendant of the ancient Erianoigel Empire, a highly organized, efficient military collective which still has organizational components represented in the military units deployed throughout this region.

The northern cities are ruled by a dictator called Boris Caesar Napoleon.  He has a highly efficient system of administrators and a highly organized army of legionaries who carry out the business of his edicts.  His effective expansion is hampered by constant barbarian excursions on the northern edge of his empire, the land connection of Eporue to Aissur.  Periodic massed attacks on this point keep resources tied up that would be used to further expand his control into other areas.

City States of Eporue The southern cities rule themselves through a loosely knitted co-guild trade agreement. The cities trade amongst themselves and are blessed with contact from all the corners of the world because of their geographic location. The guilds that benefit from this trade act as governing bodies in each of the cities associated with this part of the world.

The cities associations with each other is managed by a council of leaders from each of the cities in the region.

Mandibar The kingdom of Mandibar is considered a part of Eporue.  Located off the north-west side of Eporue, it is governed by one of the most ruthless of dictators in the world of Metaphaze.  Its cities are some of the poorest and most dangerous in the land.

The dictator Zedrain the Black controls the land known as Mandibar.

Dwarven Kingdom of Cairn The dwarven population of Eporue is most closely tied with that of the City States, providing a buffer of protection between the Quad City Alliance in the north by their occupation of the Cairn Mountains between the two.  

The Kingdom of Cairn is ruled by a dwarven king.

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