An independent island nation, Dnalgne has had a single monarchy government for as much of history as is documented in the archives of the historians of the world. Dnalgne

Dnalgne is ruled by a kind and generous queen, Mary Victoria of Rochester.  She has maintained a long and otherwise quiet rule.  The center of administration in Shandyrot Castle, Bristol is an exquisite and unique center of administration.  Audiences with the queen are regular and highly controlled by an efficient protocol.  Deviations to protocol are frowned upon and almost always fail.

The Dnalgne navy is one of the most impressive the world over. Many of their ship designs are seen in ports all over the land.   Because of its navy, Dnalgne has embassies and trade centers in most of the worlds port cities. 

The land is managed by a feudal land management system that is fiercely defended and administered with the utmost concern.  All the land in Dnalgne is controlled by the monarchy and administered by her clerks.  Inventories of these lands are the most comprehensive in all the various kingdoms across the Metaphaze landscape.

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